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But how many eggheads do you think there are。egghead的意思,就是指书生气...但是,活的火鸡样子难看,行动又笨拙,所以turkey就用来形容那种愚蠢无用的人。而...

可以的how do you do sth=how to do sth

用这些词first,then ,third,finally想想,串起来文章,最后就可以吃上美味可口的食物啦.

B what what do you think of 你认为……怎么样? How do you like 你喜欢……吗? 其实,这两句的汉语是差不多的, 都是表达你对某一人或事的喜好,看法。 回答用 必须包含形容词。如it's nice. 希望满意,祝您进步:)

火鸡 压力 继父母 珠宝 香水 运动员 望采纳

They always strive to return from far apart, the family round and round round together, munch delicious Turkey, to talk about the past, this how don'...

how to work the earth and plant corn,beans,pumpkins,squash and other ...Everyone agrees the dinner must be built around roast turkey stuffed with a...


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